Where to Find Inspiration

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"Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso

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Something I get asked and I asked myself all the time is, where do I get my inspiration from?  Sometimes it's hard to answer this question because I am not surrounded my thousands of magazines to flip through or my inspiration is not from only one person or place.  My eyes and brain are always working, moving, thinking and I find inspiration from even driving through my neighborhood.  Inspiration creates ideas and ideas come to life creating what you had in mind or sometimes even better than what you envisioned.  My friend Kelly and I drove around my neighborhood for a while to find a place to take these pictures, a place that sparked inspiration and creativity.  We wanted to find flowers, which was difficult to find since we are in the depths of the sun in this Florida heat, but we found it!  And created something that came from an inspiration that will create more inspiration for ourselves and others.  Inspiration never ends!

I want to share with you a few places where I find inspiration and probably where most people find inspiration as well!

  1. Instagram- This little app is probably where most people find inspiration every day. The constant upload of millions of pictures makes this app a place to find so much inspiration, creativity, ideas and so on. At least for me, it's the place where I spend most of my time when looking at my phone. When going through Instagram, find the accounts you love that are your style or a style you aspire. Instagram has a great gadget where you can save pictures from other accounts under your account under the little tag symbol button. I go back to this tab so many times to look over all the pictures that I have saved and see what was inspiring me at the moment or look at the idea I saved to find the inspiration again for a project or styling. Of course, make everything your own. It's an inspiration, not a copycat.

  2. Pinterest- The mother of inspirational pins. Such a great tool, that I myself need to better utilize. We have been pinning for years and years. Our styles and what we find inspirational is ever changing. One thing I advise, that I need to start doing, is being more organized with your pins. Use the ability of folders and always go back to your pins and clean out the things that really don't inspire or a style that doesn't match with yours anymore. You can find about everything on Pinterest and you can pin whatever on Pinterest directly from the website your on. So, let's use that wisely!

  3. Magazines and books. Find the magazines that go along with your style. Makeup, fashion, cars, whatever! I personally love magazines and books like Kinfolk. And they are perfect for home decor! You can flip through pages and be inspired by pictures and also by people's lives and ways of living. Books about home interior are another favorite. Walking through Barnes and Noble, by yourself with coffee is something I would love to do very soon! Finding books and magazine, not just visual ones, but ones you actually you want to read.

  4. Places. Go out-of-town on trips, it doesn't have to be far. Find those towns or places that you truly love and come back inspired. For me, the closest one is Charleston, so much beauty and history. I love NYC and the Carolina's mountains are a favorite! I am a person that needs to constantly go out of town, even if it's just a few hours way for like two days. It breaks the routine and the scenery, coming back much more inspired to create.

When I see the things I love, it sparks creativity and ideas.  For example, clothes and home decor.  When I see something I love, I know how am I going to style it and how I can make it my style.  This classic shirt dress from Tradlands inspired me to style it in different ways.  I love how timeless and easy-going it is.  You can wear the dress closed, open with a dress or top and bottom, with a belt, you name it!  If you love or are in the search for classic timeless quality pieces, Tradlands is your answer!

Tell me, what inspires you?!



Photos by Kelly Martucci


dress- c/o Tradlands

hat- Lack of Colors

shoes- Nisolo

bag- c/o Marloe