5 Reasons to Travel with your Kids


One thing my husband and I promised ourselves when we started planning to have a baby is that we wouldn't to stop traveling after becoming parents.  I KNOW the struggle that is traveling with little ones, but we didnt want to just give it up because that is what most parents do.  We wanted to try it out knowing we would have challenges, but not giving up on one of our passions. Back when we were imagining ourselves as parents, we would see ourselves traveling all over with our son/daughter.  It's a dream of mine to travel all over and I love thinking how we can do it as a family of 3 now.  I am so grateful that we are able to give Atticus so many experiences that Justin and I never had growing up. Now we can go through these amazing travels together as a family.   At his age he has probably experienced more than I ever did in my 20s and I love giving him memories to look back on.

So here are my 5 reason why you should travel with your kids!

  1. Experiences. There is no better gift to give your child than life experiences. Taking them new places, as hard as it may seem, will give him experience to be somewhere new. He will eventually learn how to travel and get used to and love it as much as we do. Seeing new sceneries, exploring outdoors, eating different foods, feeling different seasons, staying new places.

  2. Memories. Giving him all these experiences will create memories that will last a lifetime. Not just for him, but for us. This is so fulfilling for anyones life.

  3. Strong family bonds. I believe while doing the things we love and spending this quality time as a family creates a stronger family bond and relationship with each other. Being outside the comfort of your home and daily routines can help us learn much more about each other as we are in new places seeing and trying new things. We are also 100% of the time together, this creates conversations and more memories for a lifetime.

  4. Breaking routines. Traveling while being a parent is so necessary to break routines and little mental break for our daily lives. Even though we are parents, it doesn't mean we need to stop doing the things we love. Why don't we invite our kids to be part of it? Our kids are watching everything we do and how we are as a person. I feel they learn everything from us, so show them your passions so he can create his own and do them with his kids in the future!

  5. Education. There is not a better way to educate your children than through immersion and hands-on experiences. Going to the aquarium or to a new museum can give new opportunities for your children to learn about topics they may not encounter in their day-to-day lives. They love learning more this way than their regular classroom, at least I think is more fun!

I hope you enjoyed reading the "Why" to travel with your kids and understand our perspective!  Non of this is saying it will be easy, especially the younger years.  I have a toddler, I KNOW!  In no way I want you to think our lives are perfect and we don't have challenges when we travel.  Always make sure to add activities that they will enjoy!  It is hard, going out to eat has to be short and we have to take a break in the middle so he can take his long nap.  It is all worth it.