Neutral Tones from Head-to-Toe


Winter finally decided to grace us here in Florida.  To be honest, I love it! To be comfortable with whatever I wear and not be in constant sweat and heat.  I love being able to wear my cardigan and cozy socks at home.  The weather has been mostly in the 50's and up to 60's, which in my opinion is the perfect weather.  I don't really love winter attire, I only like only one or two layers.  Wearing a coat is cute, but it's almost uncomfortable and carrying that big item around is no fun.  This year I really been stocking up in sweaters, I only had like two!  I mean, I live in Florida, so there is not a big necessity to have lots of sweaters and jackets.  But I wanted a few staples and variety to wear through the random cold days that we get bless with.  Everlane has definitely been my go to place to buy my staple, timeless, quality pieces.  I invested in two of their cashmere sweaters and I totally will recommend that you do too! I also got my hands on one of their new Oversized Alpaca Crew Sweaters (what I am wearing on my pics)  and omg!, so cozy and warm!  I thought it would be really itchy, but after wearing once the itchy feeling went away.  Other than the great quality material is made for, I love the color and most of all the design and style.  I love oversized everything.  The sleeves are bubble-sleeve style and has a cool rib pattern and it feels airy.  Another item I invested this year were quality boots.  I invested in a basic Chelsea brown leather boots and wanted another pair of boot with a higher heel for dressing up and down.  The Day Boot is a must have, the most comfortable boot you will ever own.  The material is just like the Day Gloves, it just molds to your feet.  The leather is made from soft Italian leather, it's really like wearing a glove.  The stack heel its the perfect hight and comfortable for a day out in the city.  I am probably bias because Everlane its my favorite store, but there is a reason why!

What is your favorite shop to buy staples?




sweater- c/o Everlane

pants- Everlane

boots- c/o Everlane

bag- c/o Able

belt- Madewell

necklace- c/o GLDN