Five Simple Ways to Elevate your Outfit

I remember a season of life when I thought wearing bold pieces of clothing was the only answer to make a not-boring outfit. Your girl wore rainbow color, prints from head to toe and large bows hanging out of my neck. To be honest, it wasn’t practical, even before being a mom. So uncomfortable, and the days I wanted to throw something comfy and fast, but still look styling I couldn’t. My closet was filled with A-line dress, polka dots and skirts. I hated myself in t-shirts and jeans, I didn’t look put together or “stylish”. Thank God I have found the light at the end of the tunnel and grown my personal style to the one I am currently living in. All this to tell you, basics to not have to be boring, if you know how to style them! The best way to accomplish this is by adding the right accessories, to keep it simple or bring an outfit from day to a night out. Get ready to learn five simple ways to elevate a basic outfit.

Five Ways to Elevate your Outfit

  1. Layered Necklaces- I have been loving layering coin necklaces with my basics! Choose different length necklaces (coin, bar, simple chains) and style your simple t-shirt/jean combo any day. I love layering necklaces with button up tops, giving this look a more feminine style. I love this one and this one.

  2. Bandanas- These have been my favorite way to style a simple outfit for years now! I love wearing them around my neck or tying them on my purse. I loved trying this new trend of scarf/bandana with a ponytail. I love the French vibe it gives. So many other ways you can wear them on your hair as well! This one and this one are my favorite bandanas!

  3. Earrings- Adding statement earrings have been a favorite too! Love adding clay earrings or big gold loops to my basic outfits. You can put on a shirt, hair up and statement earrings and boom- stylish and comfy. These small gold hoops have been my go-to every day!

  4. Bags- I am not a girl that has lots of bags, but loves to have staple bags to give my outfits something fun to look at. I LOVE woven bags, bringing earthy tones to basic outfits and texture. Different shape bags, like circle tones, and different colors can make any basic outfit more interesting! This and this bag are great for every day use and still make a statement.

  5. Shoes- You can defiantly feel that you are not wearing the perfect shoes with your outfit when you look in the mirror. Sometimes shoes can be that cherry on top, either love it or hate. I love my easy sandals for running errands and running after my toddler. I definitely feel cuter when I add a leather mule or low heel shoe. I want to be realistic, so no high heels for me! Still, a low heel mule can give the comfort and right height to make my outfit more elevated and stylish. These woven mules adds interest to any outfit and these low heels are great to elevate an outfit and still be comfortable!

What are your favorite accessories to elevate your basic outfits? What new trends have you been loving? What tones of colors are your favorite? Would love to hear you answers in the comments!


Carla Natalia

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