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The one thing I love most about my home is all the natural light. The house was built in the 1920s, and with it, huge windows in every room you walk into. I believe natural light brings happiness to a house and is good for your mental health. We walked into this home and saw a blank canvas, filled with history and character. First thing we did after we bought the house was paint the entire home inside. We were so sad to say goodbye to the beautiful yellow walls… but white is just the color we preferred, haha! From then on, we started filling our home with the things we truly love. From things carried from our old home to new quality pieces to vintage finds. To be honest, I don’t know how to categorize my home style other that it it is my own unique style. I love incorporations the same color scheme through the house, and plants do the rest of the work! One word that resonates in every room is Minimalist style, as we try to be clutter free and simple clean decor. I wanted to share three styling tips that has helped widely when it comes to decorating my home. Sit back and read ahead!

3 Styling and Decorating Tips

  1. Keep it minimal. One, clutter free spaces makes it easier to clean and keep it tidy. Two, when a space is already clutter and full with items, it is hard to keep adding. Meaning when you find a unique find that you truly love you won't have a spot to place it. This is because the space is already full with things you might not love as much. So when decorating a space, do not think you have to fully finish decorating in on trip to the store. With time, curated with pieces you truly love, from thrifts of vintage stores or quality more expensive pieces you might need to save for.

  2. Find your style. Try to keep each room the same style, so it all looks cohesive. From color and shapes and trends. A great thing about this is that you can move pieces around the house when you want to change it a bit. And it will still look good in any room that you place it in. It's ok to mix different styles together. I would consider my minimal style vintage modern boho. My color palette is natural wood, browns, white and greens, with a touch of blacks.

  3. Fill your home with green. Plants have been my best decorating pieces. I know not everyone has a green or brown thumb, so I will advise buying plants that are easier to take care for. For me the easiest has been pathos, cactuses and snake plants! And if you're not ready to take care of real plant or have zero time, go ahead with fake plants! Search for fake plants that look closest too real. These are a little more pricier, but it will cost you more buying real plants and continue to kill them!

Dining Room

Table- Article

Chairs - All Modern

Pendant- Barn Light

Rug- RugsUSA

Art Print- Schoolhouse

Wall Basket- Thrifted

Plant Stand- Target

Table Console- Vintage

Record Player- Urban Outfitters (old)

Picture Frames- Target

Glass Vase- Target

Accordion wall hooks- World Market (Similar)

Curtains- Ikea

Living Room

Sofa- Ikea Karlstad

Leather Covers- Comfort Works

Print- Fine Life Co

Frame- Framdebridge

Plant Stand- West Elm

Decor Cushions- Juneday Co

Coffee Table- Ikea

Rug- West Elm (old)

Round Mirror- Ikea

Sconces- Schoolhouse

Vases- Target

Wicker Ottomans- Ikea

Bamboo Tray- Thrifted

Candle- Standard Wax

Magazine- Cereal Magazine


Floating Shelves- Ikea

Glass Food Canister- Ikea

Mushroom Print- Urban Outfitters Home

Ceramic Canisters- West Elm

Paper Towel Holder- Amazon

Utensil Holder- Target

Wall Paper Roll- Amazon

Knife Wall Magnet Strip- Amazon

Knives- Amazon

French Press- Amazon

Mortar + Pestle- West Elm


Clothes Rack- Ikea

Coffee Mugs- Ikea

Round Brass Mirror- Target

Hands Art Print- Beauchamping

Floral Art Print- Esther Clark Co

Planner- Golden Coil

Most of my plants I get from my ACE Hardware Garden and Lowes


Carla Natalia

Photos by Stefanie Keeler Photography

HOMECarla Thompson