Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new and improved website!  I was so excited to be working with the girls at The Business Bar to put this website together.  Isn’t it beautiful!?  

I know you probably noticed I changed my site name too, say hello to Carla Natalia!  As much as I loved Curious Natalia and being known by that for so many years, I wanted to start fresh with my own name.  This is who I am, so what better than name it after me! 

For those who don’t know much about me or just started following me recently, let me tell you a little about myself!  My name is Carla Natalia Thompson, born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in a loving and always making jokes family.  I moved to the states when I was 20-21 and through a series of life events I ended in Jacksonville, FL, where I’ve been for the last 9 years! Worked hard all of my 20s, finished my bachelors degree in Business at 27 and created a community of new friends in my new city.  I married my husband Justin in 2013, we were both 25.  In 2016 we had the most amazing thing happen in our lives, we got pregnant and had our boy Atticus Rhys late 2016.  He is our happiness and joy, what makes us better people and better parents.  I have been a Stay-At-Home Mom since he was born.  It has been hard going from working all the time to staying at home, but it’s rewarding and filling seeing your child grow with you every step of the way.  I’ve struggled with mental illness most of my life, starting in my late teens with severe depression.  I am a postpartum OCD and Anxiety survivor, and I am proud I worked hard and defeated such a horrible disease!  I started blogging back in 2013 as the Curious Natalia.  I can’t believe it’s been that long! It has been up and down, life happening in between.  This year I want to focus my blog and services in a more business and professional way.

This year I wanted to organize myself and brand myself as one person with different talents to offer you.  One word that can describe who I am and what I do is “Stylist”.  Home stylist, wardrobe stylist, event stylist, anything stylist!  Home and wardrobe are my passion. I have always loved clothes, I loved looking at my mom’s pictures when she was younger and thinking she was so stylish.  Also, I feel my culture influenced my creative instinct in fashion.  Puertoricans love to always stay on trend and women are always dressing in their best closet staples to go to church, family events and holidays, jewelry and makeup included!  And hair always had to be on point.  My culture was a big impact on how I present myself and my culture is something I am proud to be.  My brain is the other half of why styling is a passion, I see pieces and put them together as puzzle pieces.  If it doesn’t look right together, then the puzzle pieces don’t fit.  I guess I am a perfectionist, but it was makes myself and my style different and unique.  After many years of finding my own unique style, I personally have grown toward a minimalist style- home and wardrobe.  There is where my inspiration thrives and I feel the happiest.  

As a business

I will work closely with brands and small businesses to give them content and promotion for them and my business enrichment.  I have created a media kit where there is all the information on my services and rates, sent upon request.  From dedicated Instagram and social media posts, to styling and content photograph , and full blog posts.  I wanted to offer services outside of me being an influencer, creating styled photography for a brand to be used on the channels, expanding myself as a content creator.

As for content in this space, I will be sharing

  • Home Styling

  • Room Tours

  • Outfit Posts

  • Curated Closet Tips

  • …and a little bit of Lifestyle (i.e. Traveling)

To my readers and followers

Thank you so much for following along, if it has been for years or if you are new here! I hope you find in this space the inspiration you are lookin for and a place where everyone feels included and respected. My hope is to have weekly posts, at the exact day and time every week. You can expect a new blog post every Friday at 9 AM EST. This will help me to be more organize and it will help you know when new posts are live!

Also, I don’t want you to feel I am doing this for all the money.  I have been doing this for so many years, I though it was time to bring it to the next professional level.  My work is valuable and as a stay at home mom, I want to support my family in any way I can!  I only work with brands I truly love, as well that fits closely to my brand and image.  I appreciate so much your unending support and I hope you will continue this journey with me!


Carla Natalia

Photography by Stefanie Keeler Photography

WELCOMECarla Thompson